Willy Chirino – Full Bio, Age, Net Worth, Wife, Children

Willy Chirino is a musician who is Cuban-American. People can see his most well-known parts in the films My Big Night, Caught, and Let It Ride. He also composes music.

Early Life & Age

Willy Chirino was born to his parents on April 5, 1947, in Consolación del Sur, Pinar del Río, Cuba. The 75-year-old Cuban-American musician was born under the star sign Aries.

Men born under the Aries sign are often known to be attention seekers. And like his star sign states, Willy is known all around the world for his music.

At the age of 14, he left Cuba and eventually found himself in America as a result of a Catholic Church program. Since he loved music from childhood, he stuck to it and became a worldwide sensation.

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Why is Willy Chirino famous?

Famous Grammy Award-winning artist Willy Chirino is Cuban-American.


Willy Chirino developed the Miami Sound, which fans recognize well for this throughout the world. Miami Sound, a fusion group, played music with rhythms from Cuba, the Caribbean, Brazil, rock, and jazz. Initially, Sony Music Records and CBS signed him. Willy established his company Latinum Music Inc. in 1997. Since then, it has worked with other international performers, such as Judo Raphael, Oscar D’Leon, Celia Cruz, and Magneto.

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Numerous other musicians have also played more than 100 of Chirino’s tunes. Likewise, more than 60 musicians have covered his song “Soy.” In addition, more than 60 musicians purchased The Gypsy Kings with more than a million copies sold.

Thirteen years after its first release, his most current single, “Que Se Vayan Ya,” was made exclusively available.

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Awards and Achievements

Although Chirino has won several honors throughout his career, the 2006 “Grammy Awards” stand out as his most noteworthy triumphs. He got that award under the “Best Salsa Merengue Album” category for Son Sel Alma’s. Similarly, his song 35 Aniversario- En Vivo was nominated for a “Latin Grammy” in 2007 for “Best Salsa.”

Additionally, with the albums Zarabanda from 1990 and Oxigeno from 1992, he received “Gold Records” awards. For the albums South Beach, Asere, and Afro-disiac, he received the moniker “Platinum Records” in 1993. He was also crowned “King of Miami’s Calle Ocho Festival” in 1993.

Then, in 1995, corporate gave a portion of Miami’s NW 17th Avenue the name Willy Chirino Way. In addition, he has received UNICEF recognition for the efforts of The Willy Chirino Foundation.

Willy Chirino Wife

The name of Willy Chirino’s wife is Lissette Álvarez Chorens

Cuban singer, songwriter, and record producer Lissette Álvarez Chorens, also known as Lissette, was born on March 10, 1947. Her most well-known composition is a 1985 Spanish translation of Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” Chucho Avellanet, a musician, was the woman’s first husband. They co-hosted the El Show de Chucho y Lissette program on Telemundo. Lissette’s current husband is Grammy Award-winning musician Willy Chirino. They reside in Miami.

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Willy Chirino Children

Three daughters were born to Willy Chirino and his first wife, Olga Maria Rodriguez. Particularly Olga, Maria, Jessica, and Angie. He finally got a divorce from her and remarried.

He married Lissette Alvarez, a violinist from Cuba, in 1965; their union predates by more than 30 years. Her 1985 Spanish translation of Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart” helped her reach stardom. The three children he had with her were Gianfranco, Alana, and Nicolle. Chirino is the grandfather of Dashiel, Elis Regina, and Andres.

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Net Worth

Willy Chirino has not revealed his financial history or current net worth as of 2022.

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