Pablo Montero – Children, Songs, Net Worth, Wife

Pablo Montero is a Mexican musician and performer. Despite Montero’s primary vocation as a singer, he usually appears in supporting roles in telenovelas created by Televisa producers. One of the most well-known and admired supporting performers in telenovelas is Montero.


Early Life

Under Daniel Hernández, Pablo Montero was born on August 23, 1974, in Torreon, Mexico. He is currently 47 years old. His mother is Mercedes Rodrguez de Hernández. Before beginning his acting career in several Televisa soap operas, Montero began his career as a singer. He typically played minor roles on stage.

People also recognize Montero for dressing in all black and donning charro hats when performing. Hispanics in the United States, Australia, Europe, and Latin America are familiar with him. In Mexico, Montero is a rising celebrity and a darling of the paparazzi.

Why is Pablo Montero famous?

Pablo Montero is a well-known Mexican musician and actor who has appeared on the television programs Embrace Me Tightly, Qué bonito Amor, and Triunfo del Amor.

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Pablo Montero began his singing career as the lead singer of Trébol as a teenager. They had a number one peak with the song “Si Tu Supieras.” However, he quickly began his solo career and played in several bars and clubs. His major break came in 1999 when Montero’s album Donde Estas, Corazon? 

After his debut, Montero continued to appear in further roles in the movies Hold me tight, Between Love and Hate, I Will Never Forget You, and Rebeca. 

The well-known song “Hay Otra en Tu Lugar” was included in Montero’s second album, Pidemelo Todo, released in 2002. In addition, Pablo has composed the music for several movies and television shows in addition to his albums, such as El Crimen del Padre Amaro, Duel of Passions, and Embrace Me Strongly.

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In the 2008 film Fuego en le Sangre, he had an appearance as one of the series’ major characters. In 2010, he played Cruz Robles Martinez on Triunfo del Amor. He also played Diego Lascurain in the 2014 film Mi Corazon es tuyo.

Montero recently appeared in the reality series La house de Los famosos’ Telemundo premiere. It is the American Spanish-language version of the reality television program Celebrity Big Brother. Former Miss Universe Alicia Machado took first place for the season, and Montero came in fifth.


Two days after Montero presented the 2007 Latin Grammy Award nominees, Miami Police stated that they stopped Montero and a passenger after observing their white BMW SUV run a red signal. During the investigation, police discovered a clear bag that tested positive for cocaine, which Montero claimed to be his.

Nevertheless, Montero entered a not guilty plea to cocaine possession the following month in court, was found guilty, and was sentenced to probation until the conclusion of a court-ordered drug program. In 2008, Montero was sentenced to time in prison for violating the terms of his probation, but he was later released on the condition that he complete a drug rehabilitation program. Montero finished his drug recovery program on February 20, 2009.

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Relationship Status

From about 2000 until 2003, Montero dated Aracely Arámbula. In 2006, there were rumors of a relationship between him and his Duelo de Pasiones co-star Ludwika Paleta, who was married to Mexican actor Plutarco Haza. Montero and Paleta denied the rumors until a video of them kissing was made public. This is said to be what caused Ludwika Paleta’s divorce from her husband. Paleta and Plutarco Haza later made up.

Pablo Montero and Alicia Machado first connected in 1997, when she was Miss Universe, but their relationship fizzled out after three months. In addition, the frequent trips of the Mexican artist and his actions with women allegedly contributed to the relationship’s dissolution, though. However, despite the singer’s betrayal of him, Machado does not carry anger toward him.

Currently, they are both single. Pablo Montero divorced his wife while she was still single, and he has had trouble reconnecting with his daughters since his ex-partner won’t let him meet girls.

Pablo Montero Children

He has five children with the actress Sandra Vidal: a son, Daniel Hernandez Piedra, born on February 22, 2006; a son, Pablo Hernandez Vidal, born on September 28, 2007; and three daughters, Carolina Hernandez Van Wielink, born on February 27, 2012; and Daniela Hernandez, born on May 24, 2014. In June 2010, a failed theft resulted in the death of his brother Oliver. On June 13, 2013, his brother Javier Hernández also passed away.

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Pablo Montero Wife, Sandra Vidal

Also, he’s got three kids. Actor Pablo Hernandez Vidal welcomed their first kid on February 22, 2006. Sandra was the only caregiver for her son following their divorce.

Pablo Montero’s Net Worth

Our calculations place Pablo Montero’s net worth somewhere around $1.5 million.

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