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Because she participated in the Lifetime reality series Married At First Sight, the television personality Myrla Feria is well-known.

Myrla Feria Ethnicity

Feria is a citizen of the United States and belongs to the Caucasian ethnic group.

Myrla Feria Parents 

Feria was born to Bertha Feria on June 10, 1986. (her mother). In 2022, she will be 36 years old. She grew up with a younger sister named Gloria Feria in South Texas, Texas.

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Myrla Feria’s Father Murdered

We know almost nothing about Myrla Feria’s father. Nevertheless, she and Gil Cuero learned during their “getting to know you” pillow discussion session on Married at First Sight that they share a terrible experience: both of their fathers were murdered.

While Cuero’s father was shot to death at home when he was 14, Feria’s father was murdered by her step-sister.

Why is Myrla Feria famous?

The first participant of Married at First Sight’s 13th season, which premiered on July 21, 2021, was Myrla Feria.

Ms. Feria is a leadership coach from South Texas.

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The television host Myrla Feria has a bachelor’s degree in multilingual early childhood education and is a coach and teacher. She is also a graduate of the University of Texas at Pan American with a degree in public administration. Unfortunately, we know nothing regarding her date of birth.

Feria currently collaborates with Southwest and oversees the development of an academic services strategy for South Texas, Arizona, and Houston.

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In the past, Feria assisted and educated district officials while working as a leadership coach in Texas.

Feria is also a teacher, and she began working with IDEA Public Schools in 2010 to instruct middle school students in math and science. 

She rose to fame, nevertheless, thanks to her role in the 2021 season 13 of Married at First Sight. She also appeared in the sequel to Married at First Sight: Unfiltered that year.

Married at First Sight: Unfiltered

The first episode of Married at First Sight aired on FYI on July 8, 2014, and on Lifetime in 2017.

To pursue a committed relationship, the individuals on the show consent to a plan to get married immediately after the meeting.

Feria appeared and married Gil Cuero in episode 13 of the show. In the movie Married at First Sight, they had issues. However, they weren’t the only pair who had problems in season 13, as the matchmakers created fewer happy marriages than usual.

They were in a great relationship on Decision Day and were one of just two couples who decided to remain married throughout the season. Thus many Married at First Sight fans were shocked by the couple’s abrupt split.

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Cuero revealed that Feria abruptly stopped their relationship during the Married at First Sight reunion show. Then, a mere two weeks following Decision Day, she instructed him to depart, leaving him without a place to stay. On the podcast Dear Future Wifey, Cuero also discussed the end of his relationship with Feria. After the interview, a Reddit user concluded that money largely influenced their divorce.

The fact that Feria was so demanding hindered the couple’s ability to have a happy marriage. Sadly, Cuero satisfied several of the criteria she mentioned as qualities she didn’t want in a husband, such as a partner with a bald head.

Feria remarked that a man wouldn’t find her attractive if she didn’t have a full head of hair. The pair also disagreed on political issues and who should keep dogs. Many of the discussions that resulted in Cuero’s firing, according to Feria, took place off-camera. She pointed out that due to editing, Feria included not all of the sequences in the final product.

Myrla Feria Instagram 

Myrla Feria is an active social media user. She frequently publishes on Instagram, with more than 64.3k followers under the handle @myrla.feria. 

Personal Life

Myrla Feria doesn’t date anyone right now and keeps her private relationships private. In the Married at First Sight reality television series, she searches for Mr. Right to go on dates and enjoy her life.

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Myrla Feria Salary

According to Reddit users, she earns at least $200k annually as a leadership coach with The New Teacher Project. However, the teen declared that neither her way of life nor her spending habits would change.

Myrla Feria’s Net Worth

Myrla Feria started as a corporate leaders’ counselor.

We haven’t yet updated Myrla’s net worth, but we will soon. Myrla’s net worth should be in the millions, given her fame.

She participated in Season 13 of Married At First Sight and appeared on the show. The show’s premiere date was July 21, 2021.

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