How old is Justin Briner? Details about Justin’s Age, Net Worth, and more.

Justin Briner is a voice actor from the United States. He has voiced many anime characters, notably Izuku Midoriya from My Hero Academia.

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What is Justin’s Age?

Justin Briner was born on August 23. However, we are unsure of his birth year. Due to the lack of information, we are unable to determine his age. Justin Briner was born and reared in Maryland. His younger sister, Hayley Briner, belongs to him. At the University of North Texas, he studied theater before landing a job as a voice actor.

What are the characters that Justin Briner has voiced over?

Justin Briner gave Marcello’s voice for the animated action TV show B’T X. The series featured Justin’s work in 25 episodes. For this reason, he later appeared in the second episode of the series, B’T X Neo, in 1997. He plays Tamuro in the animated series Akiba’s Trip the Animation. 

Additionally, Justin has voiced many different characters and contributed to many animated series. He has worked with Chain Chronicle – The Light of Haecceitas, Hand Shakers, and Masamune-Kun’s Revenge. None of these roles were minor because Briner was a regular cast member on each show. Additionally, he has appeared in the popular action-adventure series, Black Clover.

Briner was in charge of voicing Luck in the English version of the series. In addition, he played the younger Grisha Jaeger in the Attack on Titan episode. 

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Additionally, Justin started to appear in an increasing number of animes after he joined the entertainment company Funimation. The business helped him secure one of the important jobs in his professional career. He voiced Michaela Hyakuya in the anime series Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign. In the animated love drama movie The Stranger by the Beach, he also provided Mio’s voice. He also got to play Gohan in the animated Dragon Ball Z series shown online.

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Can we see Justin Briner in a Taco Bell AD?

Yes, Justin did get featured in a Taco Bell AD. In the AD, Justin Briner voiced the protagonist of My Hero Academia, Deku. The video can be found on Youtube.

What role does Briner play in My Hero Academia?

The turning point in Justin Briner’s professional career occurred in 2016. He portrayed the well-known Izuku Midoriya in the animated action-adventure movie My Hero Academia. In addition, he supplied the voice acting for the English dub of the anime, despite it being a Japanese animated series.

As a result, he took on the identity of a little child who enjoys superheroes and wishes to attend the superhero academy. Justin persisted in all of the anime’s sequels and cinematic adaptations because he could enthrall the audience with just his voice.

Additionally, Justin’s performance on the show has garnered him a lot of praise. He has won three Behind the Voice Actors Awards for his work on My Hero Academia. Among others, these awards include two for “Best Male Lead Vocal Performance” and “Best Vocal Ensemble.”

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Is Justin Briner married?

There has been much discussion surrounding Justin Briner’s sexual orientation. Many claims that he is gay, although others contest this. However, he does back the LGBTQ+ community. Furthermore, he has expressed support when addressing the significance of LGBT animation.

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Justin Briner has a stringent code of decency while talking about his personal life. Due to this, he hasn’t frequently revealed his relationship status to the public. It is also unknown whether he is married or what his family situation is right now.

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