How old is Charley Boorman? Details about his age, accident, family, kids.

Charley Boorman is a British television host, travel writer, and actor. The novels Long Way Round, Long Way Down, and Long Way Up, which detail his three unforgettable motorbike journeys with friend Ewan McGregor, are well recognized for documenting Boorman’s passion for bikes.

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How old is Charley Boorman? 

Charley Boorman was born in Wimbledon, London, on August 23, 1966. Also, he will be 56 years old as of 2022.

Who are the father and siblings of Charley Boorman?

The parents of Charley Boorman are Christel Kruse and renowned director John Boorman. He has roles in over a dozen films before riding motorcycles 20,000 miles from London to New York with his friend, actor Ewan McGregor. The two became fast friends when they realized they had a passion for motorbikes. They first connected in the 1997 film The Serpent’s Kiss.

The two described their 20,000-mile motorcycling trip in the 2004 documentary series Long Way Round. The couple embarked on a brand-new motorcycle route from Scotland’s John O’Groats to South Africa’s Cape Town in response to the success of the first documentary series. In 2007 they debuted their second documentary series, Long Way Down.

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In an interview with Independent School Parents, Boorman disclosed that growing up required frequent moves from South Carolina to Los Angeles because of Boorman’s father’s business. 

When Boorman lived in Los Angeles, the doctor identified a learning problem called dyslexia. He afterward moved to Wicklow, Ireland, with his family, where he spent his formative years running wild in the countryside and riding horses.

When Boorman was ten years old, he got the chance to ride a motorcycle, which he thought was better than riding horses. After then, riding motorcycles became his life’s passion. He also recalls exploring the Wicklow Mountains on motorcycles with his mates when he was a youngster. Boorman participated in events for schoolboy motocross and enduro. He also spent a long time riding with two motorbike racers, David Jeffries and Matt Llewellyn.

Katrine Boorman, Telsche Boorman, Daisy Boorman, Lee Boorman, Lola Boorman, and Lily Mae Boorman are the names of Charley Boorman’s siblings.

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What is Charley Boorman’s height and Net Worth?

Boorman is 75 kg and 5 feet, 11 inches tall. Charley Boorman is an English actor, travel writer, and presenter who has amassed an $8 million fortune.

Who are Charley Boorman’s wife and kids?

Olivia Boorman, Charley Boorman’s wife, wed in a chapel in London in 1990. He talked about his wedding day at Reader’s Digest in November 2001 in front of their guests in a little church lit by hundreds of candles. Boorman described the moment he first saw his bride during the wedding when asked about it:

“Waiting at the altar, I turned around as Olivia began her trip down the aisle; I’ll never forget how lovely she looked that day.”

Two girls were born to the couple. Their first child, Doone Yasmin, was born in 1996, and their second child, Kinvara Atalanta, was born in 1997. On December 7, 2021, Charley posted a picture of himself and his wife to Instagram along with the caption, “30 years of marriage.” 

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What kind of accident did Charley Boorman have?

Charley Boorman sustained significant injuries in Portugal in 2016 while riding a motorcycle test ride with journalists. Boorman broke both legs when he swerved to avoid a car that pulled out in front of him and slammed a wall. In addition, Boorman sustained a hip injury while riding a Vespa and is still recuperating. After some time in a wheelchair, Boorman is now back riding, but he now walks with a limp because his left leg is now 1 cm shorter than his following right surgery to repair the brakes.

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