Ernie Boch Jr – Latest Net Worth, Daughter, Wife, Divorce

Ernie Boch Jr. is a prominent American businessman and the CEO of Norwood, Massachusetts-based Boch Enterprises, a $1 billion firm mostly operating auto dealerships. Boch is a well-known man in the Greater Boston area who appreciates music, makes television appearances, and employs creative techniques to market and sell automobiles.

Early Life

Barbara Ann Boch and Ernie Boch Sr. welcomed their son Ernie Boch Jr. on February 15, 1958, in the United States. In addition, he is 64 years old as of July 2022. Also, his zodiac sign is Aquarius

Rebellion, creativity, charisma, and spontaneity are the defining traits of an Aquarius man. People praise them for taking unconventional actions and thinking beyond the box. Male Aquarius’ characteristics are predominant in life’s personal and professional spheres.

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Ernie Jr.’s first car was a 1971 Volkswagen Beetle that he bought it from the used car area of his family’s Toyota shop when he was 16 years old in 1974. Regarding his academics, Boch obtained his degree from Boston’s Berklee College of Music.

Why is Ernie Boch Jr. famous?

Ernie Boch Jr. is a well-known American businessman. He is well known for leading billion-dollar auto dealer Boch Enterprises as president and spokesperson.

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Subaru of New England’s current president and CEO is Ernie Boch Jr. As an actor and host, he has played a key role in TV shows like The Phantom Gourmet, Rescues Me, The Ghoul (2006–2007), and others.

Boch Jr.’s grandfather, Andrew Boch, established the family-run vehicle dealership known as Boch Enterprises in Massachusetts in 1945. The company was founded and grown for many years by Ernie Boch Sr., Andrew’s son, who had inherited the business from his father. The corporation owned car dealerships for Toyota, Chevrolet, Ferrari, Maserati, and other manufacturers.

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Boch Jr. finally assumed leadership of the family business after his father passed away and was given the title of president of Boch Enterprises. But in October 2015, he sold most of the company’s dealership rights, keeping just the rights for Maserati and Ferrari.

In addition to his job in business and television, Boch Jr. launched a blues-rock band named “Ernie and The Automatics” in 2004. Among the musicians in the group were Barry Goudreau, Sib Hashian, and Brian Maes. This group played till 2011.

Ernie Boch Jr.’s Wife, Daughter & Divorce

He is currently 64 years old and the father of three kids: Alex, Kelsey, and Stella. His son Alex and daughter Kelsey are raised by his ex-wife Kristen. Even though his prior relationships with her were kept private, we knew they split up in 2012.

After they split up, he started dating Enza Sambataro. Stella, his youngest daughter, also resides with them.

On September 26, 2021, Ernie posted a picture and a video of his daughters Kelsey and Stella to his Instagram account, @erniebochjr. In addition, his son Alex is frequently highlighted in his social media posts.

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Ernie Boch Jr.’s Net Worth

Ernie Boch Jr. will be a billionaire in 2021. Further, he has a $1.1 billion net worth, which makes him extremely wealthy. Finally, he is also ranked as the 30th richest person in Massachusetts.

Also, in 1997, Boch Jr. added to his assets by purchasing a mansion on one acre of land in Norwood, Colorado. Later, he kept buying neighboring properties, turning his mansion into an estate with more than 30.000 square feet. It is currently worth over $100 million.

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Also, in February 2020, Boch Jr. tipped a waitress $5,000 on a $157 tab. Further, he did that to raise awareness of the 2020 tip challenge.

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