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Who is Della Beatrice Howard Robinson?

Della Beatrice Howard Robinson is well-known as the ex-wife of Ray Charles, the late singer, songwriter, pianist, and composer. In addition, Ray, her husband, is one of the most well-known influential, and iconic singers.

Further, several contemporaries referred to Ray as “The Genius.” Ray had several affairs in his personal life, but Della was the one he truly fell in love with and wanted to spend the rest of his life with Della.

Della Beatrice Howard Robinson
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Early Life Of Della Beatrice Howard Robinson

Della was born in 1929 in the United States of America to a VIP family. Her father was the owner of a company; however, no additional information regarding her mother is available on the internet. As of 2022, Della is 92 years old.

Her siblings’ information is not visible on any social media site, and she does not publish any family information on the internet. Further, Della never knew why her parents never married because they never told her the reason behind it.

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In addition, her father was not around when she was little, which disturbed her. Further, her father had married another lady and was living in Houston at the time. When she was eleven years old, Della left Richmond and her grandmother to live with her mother in Houston.

Della completed her high school at an American private high school regarding her educational background.

Della’s relationship with her mother

Della argued with her mother from the start, as she favored a peaceful life. Della despised her mother’s late hours and after-work parties.

Afterward, Della’s Mother assigned her to take care of her new baby brother, James; she became even more furious. Soon Robinson stated that she was leaving on her own. However, she quickly regretted her decision and moved in with her cousin Robert Lee.

Della Beatrice Howard Robinson
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Similarly, Della claimed that leaving home at such a young age was one of the biggest mistakes. Della faced numerous challenges; however, she got through by “lying.” In addition, she claimed that no one asked for a birth certificate in those days. Further, her height gave her the advantage that she could pass for eighteen.

Hence, Della obtained a Social Security card and a health card and began working as a waitress. Afterward, Della started singing with a gospel group, and she moved in with Ella Dooley. Dooley was one of the members of the gospel group.

She joined Cecil Shaw‘s gospel group right after graduating from high school. Further, Della was only 16.


After joining Cecil Shaw’s church team, Della began singing on the radio and at concerts. Afterward, she and her bandmates received a contract to perform in larger churches and theaters.

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Soon after, the group received a recording deal, and fortunately, some made it onto CDs that are still available.

Della’s face appeared on the covers, and she was well on her way to a successful gospel career.

Marriage & Divorce

Della is the ex-wife of Ray Charles, a well-known American singer whom she met in 1954 in the United States, South Central Region.

Accordingly, they married in 1955 and had a happy and memorable life together. Further, they also had three children – Robert Robinson, David Robinson, and Ray Charles Robinson.

Their marriage lasted 22 years; however, they divorced in 1977. Della’s ex-drug husband’s addiction, adulterous relationships with multiple ladies, and aggressive attitude contributed to their divorce.

She had to endure a lot from that marriage in the latter days of their marriage, and they ultimately opted to end their marriage and separate.

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Net Worth

According to reports, Della has a net worth of $15 million as of 2022.

Her ex-husband had a net worth of $100 million at his death, which he accumulated from his long career in music and acting.

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